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Kable 3

FL #19 KABLE • 3 (CD)

The third, and best, album from the muse of Kay Bonya, who once again wrote, performed, recorded and artworked the whole thing (cuz, like, she IS Kable). The usual Kable benchmarks are on display: the beautiful and mysterious psych/folk pieces, the trippy and mysterious fuzzed out scorchers, and the tweaked and mysterious experimental pieces. Yeah, I know I'm biased, but I really can't think of anyone out there who sounds at all like her. Reviews of her music have dropped a pretty wide range of reference points (Azalia Snail, Syd Barrett, Skip Spence, Danielson Famile, Residents, etc.), which kind of makes sense and then again kind of doesn't.

Matty & Mossy

FL #21 MATTY & MOSSY • Fraimers Hamey (CD)

Debut release from this Houston quartet. Melodies that will make you swoon (think Elephant 6) combined with a breathtaking sense of dynamics and a controlled sensuality that belies the band's relatively young age. Other reference points? I dunno, maybe Cat Power, Smog, and perhaps Geraldine Fibbers. Recorded by Elephant 6 knob twiddler Chris Bishop in Athens, GA. For Real Audio excerpts of “Christmas,” “Fattress,” “The Angler,” and “Trojan Radio,” go to 8 tracks, 27 minutes. $8


FL #16 DUNLAVY • King of All Surveys (CD)

The fifth album to be released from Scott Grimm's post–THE MIKE GUNN project. The sonic universe of DUNLAVY seamlessly shifts from mantric riffs of Sabbathian heft to shape–shifting, blissful drones, while the occasional (almost subconscious) vocals float by like a psilocybic wind. Pastoral, violin-like sounds and acoustic passages morph into brooding guitar riffs that morph into lyrical, modal guitar lines. Is it psychedelic? Uh, yeah. A special surprise lurks in the almost Morricone esque aura of “Sassy.”

Linus Pauling Quartet

FL #18 THE LINUS PAULING QUARTET • Ashes In The Bong Of God (CD)

The debut Fleece release from Houston's mighty LP4 and, oh my god, it's a concept album! The musical setting for this tale is a heady mix of deep–psych explorations and free–jazz tinged improvisation. Clinton's lovingly processed narrative (sounds like he's speaking from inside a bong) allows even the most drug-addled brain to follow this fantastical story of spaceships, two bongs named “Mournebong” and “Stonebringer”, and how “Mike Gunn's mom saved the universe.” Contains one bonus song (my personal live fave, “Airplane”) that does not appear on the German vinyl version.

Philip Gayle

FL #13 PHILIP GAYLE • Pnbna (CD)

First Fleece release from Houston's premier outsider guitarist. Resonating, often playful, solo acoustic improvisations utilizing various guitars, mandolin, water phone, rolling pin, etc.


FL #12 DUNLAVY • John Merkel Is a Miracle (CD)

Atmospheric psych and drone, less aggressive than Thaumaticron 2 but just as trance inducing (if not more). Absolutely gorgeous.

King Frog

FL #11 KING FROG • Cocoanut Grove (LP)

Fleece debut from Eric Ostrowski's (NOGGIN) solo project. Haunting intrumentals, incorporating acoustic guiater, violin, theremin and more, at times having the feel of an undiscovered Folkways album. Silk screened covers with hand colored photo attached. Ltd. edition of 515 copies.

Rotten Piece

FL #10 ROTTEN PIECE • The Incarcerated Dwarf Heiress (CD)

Incredible new album of psychedelic / experimental soundscapes. Seventeen tracks are woven into one long, hallucinogenic piece, incorporating electronics, homemade instruments, urban field recordings, loops and more. Their best work to date.


FL #9 DUNLAVY • Thaumaticron 2 (CD)

Third album, and first to be released in the U.S. from ex–THE MIKE GUNN member Scott Grimm. Mantric hard psych and blissful, shape-shifting drones.

A potent slice of crushing fuzzed out riffs, deep and heavily wasted vocal effects and sublimely introspective chord deconstruction that drift and slide into a truly psyched-out whirlpool of eyeball sweating sound. Ptolemaic Terrascope


FL #8 KABLE • Tardy All The Time (CD)

Second album of basement folk / psych haze from the muse of Kay Bonya. Tweaked and blissfull, an excellent followup to her debut.

Some of the record's best moments occur when she stacks finger-picked acoustic guitars over rustic banjos; tosses in some toy piano, an incomprehensible chant and a drum machine that sounds like it's going into cough syrup withdrawal. Magnet

Rotten Piece

FL #7 ROTTEN PIECE • Caged Meat (CD)

Complies tracks recorded from 1990–1996. Electronics, loops, alien percussion and the occasional outburst of noise.

Their unclean sounding electronic and effected-out home studio musings quiver with unearthly life. Your Flesh

A joint release with Lazy Squid.


FL #6 ALMS • Various Artists (CD)

A benefit for Ptolemaic Terrascope. Tracks from Ash Castles on the Ghost Coast, Bari Watts, Dry Nod, Eyeless in Gaza, Ghost, Roy Montgomery, Jessamine, Brother JT, Project Grimm, Peglegasus. Limited to 1000 copies and packaged in a die-cut folder with hand printed woodcut. Few remain.

Rusted Shut

FL #05 RUSTED SHUT • s/t (CD)

In existence since 1987, this is the long awaited debut from Houston's legendary noise/rock trio. Live, studio and radio sessions capturing their awe-inspiring primal racket. Moments of improv-noise free flight and three chords (or less!) gutter stomp.

Hilariously over the top and wasted. Great. Chrohinga Well

Ash Castles on the Ghost Coast


Debut album of crystalline beauty from this nomadic Texas duo. A joint release with Wholly Other.

You're left with the feeling that you have been inadvertently listening in on something you weren't meant to hear, recorded long before the presumed earliest possible date for electronic recording technology.

William Switzer

FL #03 WILLIAM SWITZER • The Illusion Of Technique (CD)

Improv shenanigans from the duo of Mike Switzer (Slight Surface Noise/Avijit) and Jason Bill (ex–Charalambides). Think Incus meets Portsmouth Sinfonia. Kind of like the music that seeps from the moonshine-addled brain of my Uncle Stumpy as he steps in a fire ant mound on the way to the bayou to check the muskrat traps. Ltd. edition of 500 copies.


FL #02 KABLE • Chlorophyll (CD)

This stunning debut is a psychedelic journey written, performed and recorded by Kay Bonya. A unique blend of basement folk / psych haze and fuzzed-out electric romps, housed in some particularly brain-frying artwork by Miss Bonya. Kable also had a track on the Ptolemaic Terrascope Succour comp.

Any open-minded fan of things truly consciousness altered needs to hear this. Deep Water

Drilling the Curve

FL #01 DRILLING THE CURVE • Various Artists (LP)

Vinyl-only comp of Houston bands with tracks from Charalambides (a Jandek cover and the gorgeous “Mayflower”), Dry Nod, Dave Dove Paul Duo, The Mike Gunn, Rusted Shut and Sad Pygmy. Limited to 825 copies, not a whole lot remain.

Seminal. Ptolemaic Terrascope.