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Upcoming shows featuring members of the Fleece family (in bold) past, present and future.

All events are in Houston, TX unless otherwise noted.

Balance Angel (Dom of Klak/A Pink Cloud)
Friday, Nov. 8 @ Cafe Brasil

Daniel Johnston, Linus Pauling Quartet
Saturday, Nov. 9 @ Rudyards

Christina Carter
Sunday, Nov. 10 @ Sound Exchange

Octopus Project, Jana Hunter
Saturday, Nov. 23 @ The Proletariat

Winslow, Pong
Saturday, Nov. 23 @ The Mercury Austin, TX

Winslow, Rhythm Of Black Lines
Friday, Dec. 6 @ Le Privilege Austin, TX

Golden Arm Trio, The Defenestration Unit (feat. members of Linus Pauling Quartet and William Switzer)
Saturday, Dec. 14 @ The Axiom

Rotten Piece + others
Dead Audio Festival
Saturday, Dec. 14 @ CSAW

Heather Leigh Murray
Sunday, Jan. 26 @ The Axiom
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