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Susan Alcorn

SUSAN ALCORN • Uma (Loveletter)

Stunningly beautiful album of solo pedal steel guitar. Susan has collaborated with Eugene Chadbourne, Pauline Oliveros and Peter Kowald (amongst others) and her music is some of the most captivating you'll ever hear. Highly lyrical and spiritual explorations that often go off into deep space.

Artificial Subterrane

ARTIFICIAL SUBTERRANE • Water Regions of the Southwest USA (Wholly Other)

Third brilliant solo album from Paul of DAVE DOVE PAUL DUO. Subdued bass–triggered synth soundscapes. Exceptional. Ltd. edition of 500 (CD)


CHARALAMBIDES • Houston (Siltbreeze)

Back to the duo of Tom & Christina. Sparse, haunting, beautiful. Perhaps their best. (CD) $12

Christina Carter

CHRISTINA CARTER • Living Contact (Wholly Other)

Second solo release from Charalambides member. Stark acoustic guitar with occasional voice. "The primitive and spectral underpinnings of Charalambides, rendered with mysterious simplicity." (CD-R)


CREVICE • s/t (Uncle Buzz / Even I Have Seizures)

Wonderful debut from this truly unique band. A great mix of space/drone and experimentalism. (CD) $12


CREVICE • 2 (Uncle Buzz)

Another mind blowing release . . . a real gem. (CD) $12


CREVICE• Lullabies For Little Albert (Uncle Buzz)

Their latest. Another excellent release, this time with a little more mayhem added to their drones. A band everyone into experimental psychedelic music should check out.


CULTURCIDE • Home-Made Authority (Delayed)

First full-length CD in ten years from this legendary Houston art/punk/rock band. Songs dealing with social, sexual and emotional confusion and alienation couched in big–ass rock sound. (CD)

Dave Dove Paul Duo

DAVE DOVE PAUL DUO • A (Tempo Kannan Bail)

Incredible trombone/bass-triggered synthesizer duo that Muckracker calls “unlike any other improv based groups.” A huge influence on Houston's “free” scene. Ltd. edition of 500, hand-painted covers. (CD)

Death Valley

DEATH VALLEY • Que Pasta (Double Naught)

1994 release of instrumental, spaghetti western surf from Austin. Heavily Morricone influenced (covers of “For a Few Dollars More” and “Guns Don't Argue”) yet decidedly Texan in its vibe. (CD)


DREAMLAND• Underwater (Uncle Buzz / Dogfingers)

New from the duo of James H. Sidlo (Crevice) and Johnny A. Rodriguez. Both band name and album title are appropriate, as this evokes feelings of an underwater dream via keyboards, guitars and loops.

Dry Nod

DRY NOD • Live in Concert (Double Naught)

Immortalized in song (many times) by THE MIKE GUNN, this is the debut CD from what was one of this city's most incredible live bands, Majestic psych/space jams infused with tempo changes that could only be the result of consultations with the I–Ching. (CD)

Dunlavy Spinning

DUNLAVY • The Spinning Dog (September Gurls)

The second album, limited to 550 numbered copies in silk–screened covers. Last remaining copies. (LP) $15

Philip Gayle PHILIP GAYLE • Keguribap (YabYum)

Debut release of acoustic guitar improv very much in the Incus vein with odd Japanese elements surfacing periodically. Extremely unique. (CD)
Philip Gayle


Released 8/2001! Another superb release from Mr. Gayle and it's a double cd! Riveting duet improvisations with percussionist Cholakian. Keep your eyes peeled for an upcoming Gayle solo release on Family Vineyard. (2xCD) $13


Philip Gayle

PHILIP GAYLE • Solo Live '98 (YabYum)

Excellent live recordings of Phil on modified 3–string toy guitar, mandolin, and 6–string guitar. Recorded in Houston and Bloomington, Indiana. (CD)

PHILIP GAYLE& KOTO YUKO • Moeru Mizu (Family Vineyard)

Duet improvisations between Mr. Gayle (guitar, voice, slide whistles, etc.) and Ms. Yuko (piano, voice). Numbered edition of 400 copies. (7") $6

Raw Fa

PAUL GUILFORD • Raw Fa (Tempo Kannan Bail)

Solo album of harsh bass–triggered synth explorations from this DAVE DOVE PAUL DUO member. Handmade covers. (CD)

Infant Mortality Rate INFANT MORTALITY RATE • Puer Aerternis (May Day)

A truly remarkable release of sound collages from this Houston experimental music veteran. A must for fans of Nurse with Wound and Negativeland. (CD)
Linus Pauling


I have a limited amount of these on hand. Released in 1999 in a numbered edition of 300 copies. LP4 clock in with a live version of “Jason Bill” recorded at Rudyards in July of 1998, while Italian progressive psych band Kryptasthesie add two tracks recorded in their practice space in 1999. (7") $5

Paul Locasta

PAUL LOCASTA • Heaven on Earth (Tempo Kannan Bail)

A brilliant and often disorienting album of isolationist electronics. Ltd. edition of 500. (CD)

Mike Gunn

THE MIKE GUNN • Almaron (Double Naught)

Me thinks their best album. (CD)


THE MIKE GUNN • Coduh (Worship Guitars)

Contains their final live show from 1994 as a trio, plus a blistering studio “Holger” with Tom Carter. These are completely out of print and all I have are versions with make shift covers (i.e., not the original cover). Only five left in stock. $5

Mike Gunn THE MIKE GUNN • Durban Poison/Hemp For Victory (Double Naught)

The second album, including the epic “Mesa is Burning” (with vocals by future Charalambides Christina Carter) plus a remixed version of their ultra rare debut up as a bonus. (CD) $12
Mike Gunn

THE MIKE GUNN/SMILE 69 • split (Double Naught)

Extremely hard to find single released in 1993 w/ The Gunn contributing the non–lp “Clueless”. (7") $6


THE MIRRORS • A Green Dream (Pop Quiz)

Debut album from 2001 from this League City, Texas band, most of whom are not yet old enough to drink (legally, that is). Elevators/Prunes styled garage-psych with a hint of the "other" influences (Swell Maps? Brother JT?) that will become more apparent on their sophomore effort to be released on Fleece. (LP)

Rotten Piece ROTTEN PIECE • Split Head/Pat Boone (Lazy Squid)

Last remaining copies of this great single from 1994 (7") $4

SCORCES • s/t (Wholly Other)

Stunning album from the duo of Christina (Charalambides) and Heather (Ash Castles On The Ghost Coast) recorded in 1996. Two long tracks for chord organ, voice and bells. "Enveloping and saturating." (CD) $12

Slight Surface Noise SLIGHT SURFACE NOISE (Worship Guitars)

Excellent debut album from the trio of David Wilcox, Mike Switzer (AVIJIT, WILLIAM SWITZER) and Vaughn Boone (DRY NOD). In the vein of Mission of Burma, Big Black, and early Sonic Youth. Beautiful silk screened covers. (LP) $8
ST37 ST 37 • I Love To Talk, If There's Anything To Talk About (Emperor Norton)

Excellent release from 2000 by Austin's reigning psych lords. Nice Hawkwind vibe with touches of The Elevators, Chrome, and other good stuff. (CD) $10
Voice of Eye VOICE OF EYE • Transmigration (Cyclotron)

1995 release from this duo who split their time between Houston and New Mexico.
Beautiful organic soundscapes, heavy on drones, with “all sounds acoustic in nature, no samplers, sequencers or synthesizers.” Highly recommended to fans of Popol Vuh's soundtrack work. $12 (CD)

Winslow • s/t (Praying Mantis Style)

Debut from this great Austin band slated for volume 4 in the upcoming Fleece split lp series. A brilliant mix of lysergic guitar atmospherics, a krautrock-esque rhythm section and some choice shoegazing elements.
6 tracks, 35 minutes. (CD) $9

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