Sound Exchange is a business which was built on buying and selling used records. Of course we have had to widen that idea in the last decade or so, we now also buy those new-fangled compact discs. We get many many calls each day from people eager to sell their music, and of course they always have questions. Here's the two we get most often:

(Q) "What are you looking for?" -(A) We are very choosey about what we buy. Subject-wise, we are always interested in buying blues, punk rock, jazz, obscure folk, psychedelic and rock, experimental and just about anything intersting. We are less interested in major label top 40 releases.We are always interested in seeing as much stuff as possible, but of course we cannot actually buy everthing that comes through the door. If we did, we would need a blimp hangar just to contain all the Huey Lewis & the News albums we see. In short, your records or c.d.'s, should be clean, in their complete original packages, desireable to our customers and not smell like cat pee.
Here is a rough list of the types of music we do and do not buy. It is by no means comprehensive.

We WANT To Buy: psychedelic, blues, jazz, punk, soul, local labels, hard rock, metal, soundtracks, pre-80s country, good quality turntables or anything interesting!

We DO NOT Want To Buy: big band, light rock, 80s christian, easy listening, Time Life box sets, classical, opera, christmas or popular vocals. We cannot buy anything that is water damaged!

(Q) "How much do you pay?" - (A) We pay on a piece by piece basis, each piece is evaluated and it's retail price is estimated. We offer two forms of payment, cash and store credit. Cash is roughly 1/3 of the retail value, while credit is closer to 1/2 of the retail price. On average we are paying 2 dollars cash each for the average record. CDs have become very difficult to sell, we pay as low as 50 cents a piece for them. Got something you think is really really valuable? Great, we are always happy to discuss collectibles and their real world value. At this point we almost never rely on printed price guides, but instead use information obtained on the internet to establish a current value.


Sound Exchange offers a fast, reasonably priced turntable repair service. Our "no fault" repair guarantee cannot be beat! We will look at your table and tell you up front what your cost will be, and if we can't fix it, you don't pay!! Our charge is $60.00 per hour with a one hour minimum, however, if you are purchasing parts from us (belts & cartridges) we will install them for FREE!! Of course we also buy and sell used tables. E-mail or give us a call at 713.666.5555 to hear what we have on hand


Supporting the local music scene is one of the founding principles of our store. We LOOOOOOVE local music and strive to keep as much as possible on hand. If your band has a new release out we would be glad to take it on consignment. Our markup is tiny to keep the price down and encourage sales.